Welcome New Patients

Please read


We are so pleased you have chosen Wicked Kush as your delivery service.  We do offer 15% off your first NEW PATIENT order + 3 FREE prerolls.  We just need  you to provide us with some info.  Below we need you to fill out the info form and email us a copy of your Dr. Recommendation and valid Drivers License (21 and up)  *RECREATIONAL INQUIRIES WE ARE PROP 64 FRIENDLY


We take pride in our delivery and will get you what you need safely, privately, and with no worries. 


We only accept cash and we can not make change.  


WC NEW PATIENT FORMS you can download and fill out prior to delivery. We will have the paperwork as well. You do not have to pre-fill it out. It will just speed up the process (pdf)


Your Importanat Info

Imortant Info (All new patients must fill out this form and read and follow directions on the side bar)

Welcome to Wicked Kush! (Please Read)

Please fill out the info and understand that we also need you to email a copy of your Dr. Recommendation and Drivers License to wickedkush1@gmail.com   

Once we have received this info we will verify and process your order. 

Once you have done this please feel free to look at our MENU and decide what you would like to get.  We will call you, get your order, verify your address, and deliver.  New patients will have to fill out important paperwork at time of delivery.  We only accept cash. 

Wicked Kush

Santa Clarita, California

(323) 994 -2533